Who does not love to enjoy spending quality time while playing video games! Fans of superheroes surely like to relish their time while playing superhero video games. One such amazingly fabulous game is the Batman video games series. Indeed, these are the much-awaited series that grab the attention of fans perfectly.
In the game series of Batman Arkham Knight, there was a great mystery for the fans. At the ending of the series, Batman got died and it is considered that Batman fakes his death over there. It is thought that Batman intentionally killed himself and involved Alfred in the explosion to clean the city. According to fans, it is possible that Batman took this step in order to avoid Bruce’s Batman persona enemies to attack and harm them.

But the major question that arises in the mind of Batman’s fans is that what would be next in the adventure of Batman series when Batman fakes his death over there. Where would the Batman series go? Some fans think that Bruce Wayne should have some other steps rather than killing himself.
Gotham City cannot be left alone as the rates of crimes are much more over there especially at night time. This city is flooded with crimes and the lives of innocent people is at stake when there is no superhero over there. In the series of Batman Arkham Knight, it can be seen that there is patrolling of someone in the night in Gotham City even after the death of Batman. It is expected that it is none other than Bruce taking care of the city.

He is having had a mysterious appearance where smoke is emanating from him. It is thought that such a supernatural appearance is amazingly awesome and scary for the criminals. After creating the illusion of Batman’s death, this horrifying and mysterious appearance by Bruce is just perfect to stop crimes in Gotham City.

Fans are much more excited and curious to know more about the destruction of Wayne Manor. If Alfred and Bruce Wayne do not die in Wayne Manor incident then where are they residing now! The possibilities for amazing stories and concepts go on increasing due to the fake death of Batman.
When Bruce was retired from the role of Batman then Terry McGinnis replaced him. He is playing roles of Batman in sequels of Batman named Batman Beyond. It is thought that Bruce would be serving as a mentor to Batman. Arkham verse games become massively interesting as Terry has to fight against a plethora of Batman’s enemies as well as his own enemies.

According to the players, the possibility for Bruce Wayne would be to appear in some sections of the game. Or, there may be chances that he would to totally disappeared from the game series. However, the chances of him to mentor Terry seems to be the optimum.

Players would enjoy watching much more excitement in the series if more family members of Batman get involved in the series. One amazing possibility is Dick get adopted by Bruce and learn the super amazing tactics from Bruce. If he gets raised up and gets the training as Bruce’s son then he could be able to maintain the hierarchy and uplift the legacy of Batman. He would become strong enough to fight with criminals even with immense power and brilliant tactics.

Many of the proteges and sidekicks found Bruce Wayne to be an amazing mentor for them. Many such glimpses have been seen in the game series which perfectly melt the hearts of players. There were interactions of Bruce Wayne with humans to whom he was like a father figure.

When it comes to the comics, then we come to know about a few relatives of Bruce Wayne. Harvey Dent is a kind person and friend of Bruce Wayne. The gamers are quite curious to know how the game series would depict the downfall of Harvey. In addition to this, the relation of Harvard Dent with Bruce Wayne would be quite interesting to see in the game series. It is expected to have heart-melting and emotional scenarios between both of them at the time of Harvey’s downfall.

One great possibility is that the game developers may introduce various other superheroes in this game series in order to make it more worthy, interesting, and fascinating. These can be Spiderman, Superman, and many others. Another possibility is that game series of other superheroes would be developed by game developers. No one exactly knows that what would be next in the Arkham series! However, players are only making different types of guesses regarding it as per their interest and comprehension.
Due to the devastating situation and tragedy caused by COVID-19, many of the industries and markets got affected badly. Hence, the production and release of many films and video game series are delayed. The same is the situation with the Batman series so fans have to wait for more for it.

However, it is being said that the team of Batman series may consider the ideas given by fans and players to incorporate it into their series. It could ultimately be a part of the game series. Well, in order to get an update about it, players have to wait for till the release of the game series. So, fans can keep on thinking creative ideas and share these on social media because no one knows what gonna happen next in series.

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