Batman is one of the most admirable superheroes who fight with enemies in order to save the innocent life of Gotham City. It is a dark city where rates of crime increase to the optimum, especially at night. Hence, it requires the services of a superhero to protect human beings. We have witnessed a hound with Batman in some adventures. Interestingly, he is having a pet dog with him who is very dear to him.

According to the comic books, there is no single authentic history in the life of Batman that how his pet enters into his life. Everything is scattered about Batman’s pet. However, it was first introduced as a pet of Batman in 1955. He adopted his pet and keep him very dearly. As the pet of Batman is a hound, so he teems with amazing qualities of trust, loyalty, and crime-fighting.

The chemistry of Batman and his hound in interesting. Hence, fans wish to see the Bat-hound with him in all adventures. It is worthy to mention that Batman’s pet does not always accompany him in all the adventures and journeys. However, it can be seen in various off and on situations, even in the comic books also. Bat-hound was never a part of Batman’s life since the beginning.

If an original pet is not shown in the comics then several others showed their appearance in comic books. According to the Today’s Batman Annual no 1, both characters have a darker origin. It was found that pets and Batman are having had a darker past. Bat-hound did not have a great past.
In this version, the story of the origin of Batman’s pet is being explained. So, the mystery which was quite prevailing in the mind of fans would be resolved entirely. Initially, it was not the pet of Bruce Wayne but he adopted it as his own pet. Indeed, many of the fans misconsiderd it to be the pet of Batman while, in actuality, he was the pet of Batman’s enemy, Joker.

Joker used to take the services of his pet as an attacker. The pet attacked the enemies on his master’s order in order to please him. Later on, many of the dogs along with this hound was disowned by the Joker. They were left to starve. If no one would adopt them then surely they would die of hunger. These hounds were found in quite miserable conditions. Luckily, Batman found the hound and kept it with him. He treated the hound well and provide him the comfort of his own pet. He trained the hound and made it a disciplined one. Although Batman showed concern and attention to the hound yet he did not have any intentions to enjoy dog’s services as a return.

The hound was greatly impressed by the love, affection, and care of Batman. So, he stated aiding him in eradicating crimes from Gotham City.

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