The irregular sleep pattern of Batman is a matter of interest for his fans and players. Many of the players think that he keeps on waking during day and night. In the morning, he is playing his role as Bruce Wayne by performing different activities as a human being. These include activities like meetings etc.

However, in the night, he still keeps himself active and alert. He takes the responsibility to keep the Gotham City free from crimes. There is no doubt in the fact that the lives of innocent people in Gotham City are at stake over there. Hence, Brue Wayne has to stay awake at night to control the crimes.
This tough scheduling hinders him from sleep. It is supposed that Batman is like human beings who have to spend his life just like humans. It is thought that he would also die after completing his life span and dooms to die. One of the comic books denies it and considered that Batman would keep on serving humanity and does not dies like humans.

Batman is surely having had lots of incredible powers that make him a wonderful superhero. Having lots of incredible abilities and powers do not kick out from the list of human beings. He is having had a body, muscles, blood, and flesh just like human beings. He shares various other features and characteristics with human beings and is supposed to live like them.

The majority of the fans, game players, comic books have accepted this fact that ultimately Batman has to die. Batman is undoubtedly mortal and has to taste death.

A lot of stories and comics have been made to resolve the mystery of Batman’s death. It is a matter of concern for people that what would happen to Gotham City when their well-wisher would be no more.
In one of the comics, the funeral of Batman has been portrayed. The story of Gotham City commences as there was no old-fashioned buildings or cars. The appeal of well-known Gotham City seemed to be entirely changed. The companions as well as enemies of Batman attended Batman’s funeral. They recalled the services of Batman for Gotham City and his concern for the poor and innocent people. They were admiring the fights with enemies and the soft corner for the victims.

However, a weird thing at Batman’s funeral was that everyone was describing his relationship with Batman. They were explaining that who was Batman, what was his life, and how he died. But, it was strange to know that story explained by guests was different. No story of one’s resembles the other.
According to Selina, Batman was his lover who got died in a pet’s store. He was bleeding over there and could not withstand wounds. However, according to Joker, he is responsible for killing Batman by inducing Joker’s venom into his body. It clearly depicts that he wants to take the credit of Batman’s death.
Another story about Batman’s death which was described by Clayface is that he was died while saving Clayface’s life. he was securing him from enemies and got died during the fight. Other stories by the guests are Batman kicked the bucket while saving children from drowning, saving people from Bomb, rescuing people from evil, etc. However, whatever the truth about his death was, the reality is that he kept on saving humanity without giving up, throughout life and eventually died just like humans.

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