The responsibility of keeping Gotham city safe and sound is on the shoulders of the great superhero, Batman. He stays awake the whole night to protect the people of Gotham City from villains like Joker. For this, he patrols on the roads and streets at night. But what about the morning? Does he sleep in the morning if he has to stay awake at night? Well, to your wonder, he does not actually sleep in the morning too. It is basically because of his damn tough and busy schedule which let him deprive of proper sleep pattern which we humans actually enjoys to keep ourselves fresh and active.

In the morning, he performs his duties as Bruce Wayne and attends important meetings for making special plans. In addition to this, dating to the top class supermodels is also his main role in the morning. His insanely busy routine includes the heavy workouts and training in the morning so that he keeps himself fit and alert for his important tasks and activities.

Batman is a superhero who does not want to disappoint his people and wants to maintain perfection in life. This hinders him to eat and sleep at proper times. Being a fan of Batman, we feel pity for him that his busy schedule can be a danger to his health. We have seen positions of Batman sleep like slumbering in majestic beds. In addition to this, many films have demonstrated bad pose for Batman sleep such as bat pose where he seems to take a nap by hanging upside down.

However, the sleeping habit of this great superhero can be determined from the comic books which are entirely opposite to those shown in films. According to comic books, such mentioned positions are not worthy of Batman. So, such Batman comic books let the cat out of the bag by telling the exact information about Batman sleeping pattern and habit. Batman adopted a very unique and different way to take a nap which is none other than micro napping or microsleep.

This form of sleep is not sleep in actual but there is napping of about 30 seconds or even less in it. This minute sleeping refreshes Batman and enables him to become fresh again. He takes microsleep whenever he wants such as while working on the computer or any other activities. However, microsleep is not recommended for human beings as they cannot survive with it.

Microsleep is massively dangerous when one is indulged in activities which demand alertness. Such types of activities involve operating machines, driving, etc. Batman can withstand with this procedure so smoothly and can regain alertness, freshness, and energy because sleeping for longer does not go well with his busy scheduling. Batman has perfectly trained his mind for this type of napping while human beings cannot handle such sort of sleep pattern and would ultimately risk their lives by doing so. By micro nap, Batman saves much of his time and utilizes various beneficial activities such as improving fighting skills, learning new techniques and skills which help him to defeat enemies at the nic of the hour, quite effectively.

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