One of the most famous and heartthrob American actor who is well known for his amazingly awesome hairstyle is George Timothy Clooney. Besides being an actor, he is an activist, director, and film producer. He got AFI Lifetime Achievement Award for his excellent journey in Hollywood. He perfectly secures a great position as one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors.

His roles and performances granted him this much fame and value. George Timothy Clooney also appeared in film Batman and demonstrated his acting skills to impress the fans. Who is not aware of this highly paid Hollywood actor! But, only a few know about the changing hairstyles of this legend.
George Timothy Clooney is well known for his rapidly changing and attractive hairstyles. His fans are much inspired by his unique looks and iconic hairstyles. Such hairstyles perfectly suit to this top-class Hollywood actor. In the beginning of his career, he was having had a little long hair which was of dark brown color. These dark brown wavy textured hair provided him a fascinating and messy look to make him a fashion diva.

In recent times, the hair look of Clooney is entirely opposite to what he was having had in his youth. Now, he prefers to have a hairstyle which grants him a mature look. He chose to have side-parted grey colored hair which is perfectly set by hair products. So, these remain in shape and make him look super classy according to his age.

The charm of the beard is surely irresistible and he is well known about this fact. Hence, he chooses to have a beard on his face on and off. Both looks make him look stunning. Even, the color of his beard hair is grey which depicts wiseness and perfect maturity.

George Clooney knows well how to look stunning in as per age. Hence, he scores perfect markings for his hair. He used to have colored hairs in earlier days which ranges from dark brown color to the salt and pepper. Finally, it got switched to the elegant and charming grey color coolest haircut. He perfectly makes several heads turn towards him due to his brilliant appeal and enjoys great appraise from fans.

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